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06 Apr April 06, 2011

How is Your Website Performing?

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Is your Website Performing?
Does it bring in new clients and increase your sales volume? If the answer is no, then  perhaps you need a complete website review to determine why your website is not performing and why your site is not bring in those new customers you want and where expecting.
Racine Internet Marketing
Offers an affordable and comprehensive website review. We take a detailed look at your website from two perspectives: that of the search engines, and that of the visitor. This review process concentrates on what changes are needed to improve your website performance  and of course daily traffic. Next, we analyze your website site to determine if it is visitor friendly.  Does your site meets the visitor’s basic expectations by examining your website navigation, the content, sales presentation, call to action, and link structures.
Keyword Phrases
We know what keyword phrases the search engines sees once they crawl and index your site. We also know the keywords phrase the search engines see on each page of your website.  Also, we determine what the search volume, competition, and commercial value (buyers intent) is for each of those keyword phrases . We also generate additional keyword phrases list of several hundred phrases that apply to your product and/or service that your company offers. This list will include the keyword phrases, daily searches, competition, and commercial value. We then will rank those keywords for the highest searches per day and commercial value.
Link Popularity
By analyzing which and just how many websites point to your site, one can learn a great deal about a website and its performance in search engine raking. Links that point to your site are considered a “vote” for your site and they’re imperative to obtaining top rankings. The primary purpose and benefit of this review process is to define what needs to be addressed to produce an effective Internet marketing tool out of your current website.

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