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08 Mar March 08, 2013

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

Ralph Anderson 0 Mobile Marketing
Mobile-marketing.jpeg 5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Business – More people these days are accessing the web from their mobile devices, and if you’re not at least mapping out a mobile strategy for your local business to secure a bit of this, you’re leaving lots of money on the table for other local businesses. Today over half of all local searches are done with a mobile device of some type and this trend is growing. People are now doing business on the go, shopping and price checking on the way to the store.  As a result you simply need to make sure it’s your business! Here are 5 ways to make it happen!
  1. Having a mobile ready site – Making certain your website is able to be viewed on any mobile device is a mandatory is a must. There is something of an art to creating the mobile version of your website, because the emphasis here is fast load time. It is estimated you’ve got less than 5 seconds for your site to load on a mobile device or they’re on to greener pastures. Be sure your site loads fast and looks great! According to Google polling, 52% of users say a bad mobile experience causes them to be much less likely to engage with a business.
  2. Offering deals, coupons and incentives to readers – 29% of consumers indicate that have a willingness to download a coupon or other incentives from their mobile device. Take them up on it! At present, only 10% of shoppers have gotten a coupon from a local merchant, according to survey done by Mercator Advisory Group. It’s time for you to get out ahead of this trend and stake your claim by using mobile marketing!
  3. Buy inexpensive mobile advertising – Mobile paid advertising is the new kid on the block and a very effective way to get lots of targeted traffic at a very low cost.
  4. Create a loyalty program – Using a mobile platform to initiate a loyalty program is a concept that is no longer is just used by restaurants. You can make rabid fans by having a simple, easy to use digital loyalty card app that works entirely on their mobile device. A fantastic way to reward regular customers.
  5. Utilize mobile email and SMS – Mobile email is now being opened at a rate of 26%, and it’s on pace to surpass PC open rates by the end of 2013, reported by MarketingLand.com. SMS (texting) has a whopping 95% open rate. These two statistics alone ought to be enough for you to get involved with the mobile side of marketing!

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