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29 Mar March 29, 2011

Yellow Page Advertising is dying for Local Businesses

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A few years ago, at the 2007 Strategic Advertising Summit at Microsoft  Bill Gates made the prediction that “Yellow Pages” usage would drop to near zero by the year 2012 for people under the age of 50.  His prediction seems to be coming true as the Yellow Page advertising sales are beginning to see double digit declines.
Consumers looking for products and services in their local area  are now turning to a faster, friendlier and easier way to finding  businesses on the Internet using  their computers and smartphones.
Local small business advertising is crucial for getting new customers.  If you own a business and that business relies on a customer base in your local area then it's time to ditch traditional thinking and join the local search revolution.
What is that local search revolution?
Here are some facts.
- 73% of all online activity is related to local content (Source Google)
-  66% of all Americans use the Internet to find local businesses (Source Comscore)
- 54% of Americans have replaced their phonebooks (Yellow Pages) with Internet
- 82% of all local searches follow-up with their search by phone calls and/or walk-in
- 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant with the intent to buy  in
 Google is now rapidly becoming the new “yellow pages” 0n the internet.
When you compare Google’s market dominance at 72.11% of all Internet searches to their nearest competitor, Yahoo at 14%  followed by Bing with about 10% and growing.
So it is very easy to make the case that local business should  now concentrate all their Internet marketing efforts on Google and Google alone.
The best place to start is installing and optimizing Google Place ads.
As a local business, you have a huge, wide open opportunity to dominate your local competition by getting a free prominent listing at the top of Google business sites using Google’s places local search features and lower your monthly advertising costs by shift your costs away from print media to the Internet.

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