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10 Dec December 10, 2010

The Power of Google Places

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Google Places

Racine Internet Marketing is the home of affordable and effective Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Our area of excellence is Google Places, SEO services, and solutions for local small to medium size businesses.
Google Places is a revolutionary new tool for local business owners and is a totally free service from Google that can literally catapult a small local business from
obscurity to profitability almost overnight.
By taking advantage of a Google Places listing, you can highlight your business’s products and services and place your information in front of local customers who are searching for your particular type of business in your  local area through Google.com.
Not only will a listing on Google Places make your business stand out among dozens (sometimes hundreds) of local competitors, you will also get to tell potential customers a little bit about who you are and your business, where your competition cannot.
Love them or hate them, Google rules the Internet with over 280 million unique searches a day, coupled with a 72% + market share of all Internet searches.With that kind of action, it makes sense to focus all of one’s SEO energy on only Google and if you deliver to Google what they want, then you will rank well. Also, if your business ranks well for Google it will also rank well for Yahoo, Bing, and the rest of the search engines.
Here’s what page I for the Google search “doctor los angeles” looks Like:
Google Places
 Notice there are three sections, Natural Search Results, Paid Searches commonly known as pay per click, and Google places. Google allows seven Google places results to be shown on page 1 for a keyword phrase search as shown by the red flags.  Also, notice the small red flag labeled  "more results near Los Angeles CA".  The "more results" are Google places that don't rank well enough for Google based on their algorithms to get into one of the top seven spots.
To rank in one of the top seven requires both off page and on page SEO optimization is required.  Off page SEO optimization is done by submitting press releases, social bookmarking, and submitting to a local and national directories.

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